Ideas for custom items in the Prefect's Lounge

As you may know you can exchange donator points in the Prefect's Lounge for special in-game advantages.

Currently there are things such as custom titles, custom weapons, custom armor, custom mounts, custom specialties, extra forest fights, extra gold, extra gems, etc. that can be traded for donator points.

Basically what I'm asking for everyone who reads this to come up with ideas for things you'd like to be able to get in the Prefect's Lounge in exchange for your donator points.

Thanks. =)

You can change your Hogwarts House after three months

I know in the books you're not allowed to change your Hogwarts House but since a lot of you are unhappy with your current house I re-added the ability for people to switch houses after being in their current house for three real time months. Yes, you have to wait three months to change your house affiliation.

Howarts Live Webcomic Design Contest

Simply create a comic strip of a preferably humorous nature related to the goings-on at Hogwarts Live. Use any format you want.

The final image should be submitted as an attachment by February 1st to:

Please include your Hogwarts Live username/character name with your email.

If I particularly like the winning webcomic we may hold another contest on a monthly basis and give the submitted webcomics their own category here on the Hogwarts Live Blog.

1st Place - 2,000 donator points
2nd Place - 1,500 donator points
3rd Place - 1,000 donator points

1. You must use art you create yourself or own the rights to. This means you can't use clipart or pre-existing imagery from Flickr, deviantART, Google, etc.
2. You can't make fun of or pick on a specific character unless they give you permission to do so.
3. No pornographic images or uncensored foul language will be allowed in submitted webcomics.

Hogwarts Live T-shirts and Custom Merchandise

Please check out the Hogwarts Live Custom Merchandise Store.

This store includes t-shirts and other custom merchandise pertaining to Hogwarts Live. Please respond with any suggestions or questions you have below.

Products are organized by categories as listed on the left side navigation. Most white T-shirts are around $20. If a shirt looks unusually expensive it's because it is a brand name like bella, Eden, American Apparel, etc.; made out of an expensive material; or using an expensive dye (e.g. any of the black or non-white shirts).

If you decide to buy something use this code NEWYOUZAZZLE to get 20.10% OFF Binders, T-Shirts, & Mugs!

House Holiday Tree Contest

Congratulations to Slytherin for winning the Holiday Tree Contest! They will have the House Championship buff for the remainder of the month!

Holiday Gifts!

The Fireplace that was located in the Hog's Head Inn is now located in the Common Rooms (located in Hogwarts). You'll be able to open your gifts at midnight PST. If you haven't sent any gifts to your friends yet you still have time, the Holiday Gift shop is located in every village.

The Staff would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays!

Forgotten Password and Profile Editing Bugs Fixed

Hi, everyone hope you're enjoying your winter break! I have some more good news for everyone.

The Forgotten Password page now works properly and even better you can retrieve your password using your username/character name OR your email address. Furthermore it's case insensitive.

As for Profile Editing go to your Profile Page and click on "Edit Profile." The new change/bug fix is that now if you blank out any of the fields it will delete the information stored in the database for that field instead of saving your old information.

As I understand it the House Cup needs awarding...

And the points stand thus:

In fourth place, with 52 points, Slytherin House.
In third place, with 81 points, Gryffindor House.
In second place, with 88 points, Ravenclaw House.
In first place, with 97 points, Hufflepuff House.

Congratulations to Hufflepuff, the House Cup will sit in the office of !FourPointOh WitchyWoman, Head of Hufflepuff House, for the following term.

All Muted Players Are Hereby Granted Amnesty!

In the spirit of the holidays I'm granting all players that have either been perm or temp muted amnesty. This is a second chance. If you screw it up you won't get another one.

For those of you who haven't chatted in a while please treat others with respects and be sure to follow the Hogwarts Live Rules.

I know this is more of a punishment for the players who didn't do anything wrong, but give them a second chance maybe they'll be less annoying this time around. =)

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince DVD Giveaway

It's that time of year again and I don't mean Christmas though this is how we at Hogwarts Live choose to celebrate the spirit of giving that's supposed to accompany the holidays. So what exactly am I talking about? We're giving away Harry Potter DVDs! That's right giving them away! Just exchange your Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans for raffle tickets and enter to win one of three Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince DVDs.

Don't know how to do this? Head on over to the Candy Raffle page (the link is on the bottom of the left side navigation on the main site under the "--Global--" navigation heading).

The Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince DVD Giveaway ends Tuesday, December 15, 2009. This gives us enough time to get you your prizes before Christmas. So hurry up, don't delay, exchange your beans for tickets today!

I should also mention this is great for those of you who can't buy your own copy of the DVD as you get beans for free just from playing the game.