A Special Holiday Surprise

The Hogwarts Live staff and I worked very hard to release a new version of HL right before Christmas as it is a special time in the Harry Potter books.

There are some new additions such as the ability to ignore users in chat; and then there are some old features that have been fixed and returned to the game such as the marriage system.

Also please remember to thank each and every one of the staff for their hard work testing the new codebase. They made sure everything was working so you all could continue to enjoy an uninterrupted gaming experience.

If you or anyone else discovers a bug or exploit please report it right away via the Petition for Help link on the top right hand side of the page. The first person to report a vulnerability and not abuse it thereafter or multiple times prior shall receive a reward in the form of donator points.

Wishing you all some very happy holidays!

-Headmaster Danilo

A note on the Ignore Chat Users function...

It's pretty self-explanatory on how to ignore/unignore people (once you click the link on the left) so I'm not going to explain that part. But there have been a lot of questions on how it works, so here's an explanation for that:

When you Ignore a person, you can no longer see any of their posts, but they can still see yours.

No, they do not get notified of it. Yes, you can unignore them.

It does not affect the Owl Post so they can still send you owls. If you want to ignore them there too, then use the Ignore feature in there. Directions are in the FAQ if you do not know how.

If you are ignoring a user in chat, then please actually ignore them. Don't sit there and talk about them or refer to them or otherwise try to instigate anything or cause drama.

Staff cannot ignore anyone, and no one can ignore staff. No matter how much you (or us ;) ) may want to.


Like Hogwarts Live's Facebook Page

Hi All,

I've decided to close the Facebook Hogwarts Live RPG Group on Monday, December 19, 2011.

Instead, from now on please like and use our Facebook Page at:

It's rather confusing to have both a Facebook Page and a Facebook Group. I figured it was best to consolidate all our fans in one place.

For most pertinent updates please always check this blog (http://hogwartslive.com/blog).

And be sure to follow us on Twitter (@HogwartsLive) as well.


The 12 Days of HLmas Winners!

You voted and the winner is Sectumsempra! Her submission was Choice 1 - Twelve Trollers. She has won 25 new days!


Second: Carlylotti(Choice 3 - Twelve Raunchy Ads)
Third: Roku(Choice 4 - Twelve Free Portkeys)
Fourth: ZackBryant(Choice 2 - Twelve Loving Posts)

Thank you to everyone who participated! The three runners-up can owl WitchyWoman, BlackZephyr, or myself for smaller prizes. You can choose between gems(100), gold(50,000) or new days(5).

Anyone who submitted an entry(that didn't make the final 4) will get 25 gems added to their account.

The 12 Days of HLmas Finals

All of the entries we received for the 12 Days of HLmas contest were really good!! We had a lot of fun reading (and singing) all of them ;)

Now it's YOUR turn to vote on your favorite! We have picked our top 4 choices for you to choose from. You may vote more than once (in case you change your mind), but only the last choice will be counted towards the final result.

To save space (and time reading), we're only posting the last verse for each one. We're leaving the names off each entry in the hopes that the votes will be more honest, so we've numbered and named them (in no particular order) with the 12th day item.

You will have until midnight Eastern time December 13 to cast your vote. You can either post it in the comments here or petition it.

Here are the songs!

Choice 1 - Twelve Trollers
On the twelfth day of Christmas the website gave to me,
Twelve trollers trolling,
Eleven year old players,
Ten pregnant yearlings,
Nine goddamn waylays,
Eight evaded bans,
Seven real life dramas,
Six solo roleplays,
Five PvPs,
Four tortured n00bs,
Three new owls,
Two Deathcap Ducks,
And a broken marriage module.

Choice 2 - Twelve Loving Posts
On the twelfth day of HLmas,
my current spouse sent to me
Twelve loving posts,
Eleven pets playing,
Ten uh-oh owls,
Nice Gems a-glintin',
Eight owls o-death,
Seven n00bs complainin',
Six kids a-cryin',
Five contest cards,
Four house keys,
Three flirty smooches,
Two butterbeers,
And a broom in the bestiary!

Choice 3 - Twelve Raunchy Ads
On the twelfth day of HLmas, my barn owl flew to me:
Twelve raunchy ads
Eleven broken chats
Ten filtered judges
Nine hacked marriages
Eight rabid zombies
Seven crashed weddings
Six disowned children
Five forfeit GAMEs
Four sparkly trees
Three reindeer poops
Two yearlings frenching
And a temp mute behalf of Witchy.

Choice 4 - Twelve Free Portkeys
On the Twelfth day of HLmas, my true love gave to me,
Twelve Free port keys,
Eleven yearlings dying,
Ten PVP kills,
Nine Firstie soups,
Eight spammers spamming,
Seven pouncers pouncing,
Six pregnant firsties,
Five Voldemort kills! (Ya, right!)
Four school houses,
Three Sichael apples,
Two Resurrections,
and a large butter beer in Hogsmeeeaaade!


The 12 days of HLmas


We have a new contest for this week, with the submission deadline being Saturday the 10th. It is short notice, but it is something that we just came up with.

The contest is called "The 12 Days of HLmas", basically you are rewriting the 12 Days of Christmas, Hogwarts Live style. Submission should be sent to OR . Saturday staff will pick their favorites, and then those will be post in the blog as a poll, and you the player gets to vote for the winner.

1.) It must be appropriate! Not appropriate entries will not make it to the poll.
2.) It must follow the 12 Days of Christmas song format. (It should be able to be sung to the tune and sound right.)
3.) Be creative!
4.) It needs to be based off Hogwarts Live, NOT Harry Potter. We don't want "On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me, Ra-on We-eeeasly."
5.) We are just looking for lyrics written out, however if you want, and you know how you can make a video to go along with it, if not, do not ask us how.
6.) MAKE SURE YOU INCLUDE YOUR HL NAME IN YOUR EMAIL. Make sure the subject of the email is "The 12 Days of HLmas".

The winner will receive 25 new days. Other smaller prizes may be given out at the judge's discretion.

Holiday Gift Shop

...is now OPEN!!!!

Located in every village, the
Holiday Gift Shop is where all fashionable Witches and Wizards buy gifts for their friends and family during the holiday season! You can find everything from Reindeer Poop to Diamond Jewelry to Famous Wizard Cards for those special (or not-so-special) people in your life! Items in every price range! These tokens of holiday spirit will be gift-wrapped at no extra charge and delivered with a personal message that you get to write to The Fireplace inside each Common Room. (You can also check to see how many presents you'll be receiving by going there.)

Presents cannot be opened until Christmas Day (December 25) and they will remain available to open until December 31. Everyone will receive at least one, so be sure to go to the fireplace then!

Notes: Some of you may see a text error at The Fireplace:

"There are 24 days until Christmas !

On the decorated mantle, you see a pile of presents. One of the gifts has YOUR name on it!

You look at the gift longingly, but you know that you must wait 24 days, until Valentine's Day, to open it."

We are aware of it, but we cannot correct it. It doesn't affect anything and you'll still be able to open gifts, so please just overlook the fact it says "Valentine's Day."

Also, just so the newer players are clear, the presents don't really do anything. They're not real items that go into some kind of inventory or anything. They are just a way to show your friends that you're thinking of them.

And lastly, this is meant to be FUN. Please don't be rude to other players and ruin the fun by abusing the anonymous option. It serves no purpose to be nasty except to make us not offer this in the future.

Happy Holidays!!!

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DO NOT REFER YOUR OWN ALTS. That is cheating. If you are caught your account that was the referrer WILL be locked, no exceptions. If you are caught having more than 4 accounts on your IP, the highest account(s) will be locked.

You are responsible for any activity that comes from your IP address, if you have siblings that play, make sure they are responsible and follow the rules.


Marriage Module

Earlier this morning, a player used a loophole in the marriage system to marry himself to a bunch of random players.

We have temporarily deactivated marriage and flirting until the loophole is fixed. Any marriages that were NOT affected by the lonely player looking for love are still intact, just hidden for now.

The players that were forced into marriage with him that petitioned, your marriages to him have been annulled. Any of you who did not get a chance to petition yet, petition
once the module is back up and we'll annull yours too. If you petition with your previous spouse's name once the module is back up, we'll remarry you through the Editor. (We can't do anything while the module is deactivated.) We also cannot restore previous marriage dates, just marriages.


Oh, and please remember that this is just a game. We know that marriage on here is pretty important to some of you and you do have a right to be angry and/or upset about it, but it is still just a game. There are more important things in life to whine and cry about. Thanks.

Where do Hogwarts Live donations go?

Some of you have been wondering where the donations go. While this is explained fairly well in the Prefect's Lounge I want to do a week-to-week breakdown of the costs of running Hogwarts Live during the month of July 2011:

Week 1 - $103.20
Week 2 - $167.80
Week 3 - $133.51
Week 4 - $183.37

Subtotal: $587.88

You should all know that there have been many times in the past where I've personally covered all or part of HL's monthly overhead. Because of this I do my best to give donators unique perks as a thank you for their continued support.

Our actual donation goal is an estimate of how much I think it will cost each month to run the site. The breakdown above does not include one-time fees for the physical equipment and hardware upgrades needed to keep HL running smoothly. Nor does it include unexpected expenses due to hardware failure or planned expenses such as prizes for raffles. Our monthly goal is subject to change based on the actual cost of running the site.

If our costs rise significantly so will our donation goal. If our goal is exceeded the money is kept in an HL-only account that accrues interest. These funds will eventually be used to purchase new servers should HL need to support more users. New servers can cost thousands of dollars.

For further information read this bit from the Prefect's Lounge:

All moneys donated to Hogwarts Live are used specifically and only for costs associated with running HL. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to, fees for server equipment (hardware), web hosting, bandwidth overages, and for the domain name. If donations exceed the costs for the current year then any and all unused donations are saved for the next year's expenses.

Donations are not used for any of Headmaster Danilo's personal expenses.

HL has its own money market account where the unused funds earn interest. These funds are kept in case of emergencies such as hardware failure where parts need be replaced or repaired. They are also used for any other necessary expenses that may arise such as purchasing a new server, hardware upgrades, and other equipment used for the development and maintenance of HL.

Sometimes if deemed prudent the interest accrued on the money market account is used to purchase prizes for the Candy Raffle. These kinds of expenses are generally recouped right away.