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487e0396b7a398f is a wizard. He is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat.

About Me
Damien grew up alone. He looked out for himself and no one else. It got to the point where he would steal for anything he needed or wanted When he got to Hogwarts and was distant... detached. He didn't speak to anyone unless he absolutely needed to. Those who knew him hated him. Those who liked him, didn't know him. He seemed to have two different personas to everyone but him, after all his nice persona was usually only a ruse. He was at the library when he heard
two students talking about him. He only overheard a snippet of it, including his name and the line '
Beware, Appearances are often deceiving.' He smiled upon hearing it and soon it became his motto.

I tend to be IC most of the time. You can tell which I am by my colors

grey for actions dark red for speech green for thoughts
Lucedio: grey for actions bright red for speech

Good Damien looks like the left picture but with green eyes instead of blue

Ship Name(courtesy of HannahMalfoy): DamiRayne

Mom: KillerGranger

"You could be Damien, the guy who loved someone so much nothing could kill him."-Rayne

R.I.P. Rayne
Prior Ship Name(courtesy of HannahMalfoy): DamiRayne