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69bffca5d9e4f31 aka Lael Hayes is a wizard living in London. He is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat.

About Me
Lael Daniel Hayes

Species: HomoSapien
Blood Status: Muggle
Age: Fourteen
Hair Color:
Sandy Brown
Eye Color: Grey
Build: Average height, slender
Usually wearing: a large oversized ratty brown coat in winter, a bulging backpack full of books, regular jeans and a t-shirt, sometimes his uniform from school
Occupation: Student

Nature: Kind, playful, flirty
Likes: His sister, people, nature, learning
Dislikes: His father
Abilities: Acute observation skills, good at conversation
History: His mother and father are divorced, separating him from his sister Thistle. As a sickly child, his father could support her much better, but Lael always felt that the man lacked the most important requirement, and that was love. Him and his mother live poorly, and he tries his best to support her by working hard at school for scholarships and being there for her when he can. Nevertheless he worries over his sister, and when they found a book of their aunt's detailing the magical place of wizards, they found their solution. Now they meet in the Shades, despite the fact that Thistle lives in America and he in England.
"Yeah, the Shades isn't the best place to wait is it? But m'lady, I got to meet you here!"

Special OOC note: No matter who you are or what you've done, remember that Jesus loves you.