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6cf5115d12bfab3 aka Sterling Caiden Allen is a wizard. He is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat.

About Me
Voices jammed the streets in a never ending pattern. Different languages rose above the rest to get even one word in during the turmoil. One outburst would begin somewhere and fade into another until the entire conversation was swallowed whole by the ring of bodies pushing past each other. And there he was, Sterling Allen, the spitting image of his father, caught in the middle of the pandemonium.

Silently he watched them, trying to understand what it was they were talking about. Though, as he peered closer at one of them, he noticed that their faces were distorted. And as he looked around once more, Sterling realized that each and every face had been distorted and twisted in agony. It was as if they had all been tortured by the same malicious force.

Do you hear the Whisper Men?
The; Whisper Men are near.
If; you hear the Whisper Men then turn away your ear.
Do; not hear the Whisper Men, whatever else you do.
For; once you've; heard the Whisper Men they'`≪ stop.
And look at you

The child had nothing to fear as none of these meticulous things paid him no mind. And while Sterling had little knowledge about these incidental ripples in the fabric of reality, he knew one thing; that they were a figment of time and a delusion filling the space meant only for the souls roaming the earth with the baggage that was a warm body.

These people, these souls, these
monsters, were trapped in purgatory. None would pass into the pearly gates that separated the purity of the heavens from the sins that filled the earth. None would be cast into hell to meet the angel of the bottomless inferno. All they'd be was stuck on the earth, searching for a way out.

Will I be here when I've grown to be cold, still, and slumbering six feet under the stars? Sterling asked himself, backing away from the hysteria and into one of the more quiet members of the victims.

The roaring of the crowd died within an instant and grew