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711632fbf268009 aka Allegra Karaline Versace is a pure-blood witch. She is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat.

About Me

"I don't tell many people my last name."

Allegra suffers from a very contradictory personality for someone destined to rule - in her opinion anyway. She is both prone to corruption and emotional instability, yet her resilience and determination are the very things that seem to define her actions. This very determination can easily be mistaken for arrogance and -frequently is- an increasingly obvious superiority complex, however the young girl only does this out of her core beliefs which are truly benevolent. Growing up relying primarily on her own physical prowess has made her insensitive and cold-hearted when it comes to serious issues and sensitivities that various groups may have. She is not afraid to be incredibly blunt with a person, crack jokes at funerals or even insult those who seem to be praising her; her most passionate hobby however, is to find a different way to rile someone up each day. Alas, this is just her outside personality. Like every other person, the onion of a mask she wears is near infinitely thick. Few have ever gotten a sensitive remark from Allegra, and even fewer have received thanks from her. While this may seem insensitive and rude, Allegra does not believe in giving people free gratitude. One must earn respect and attribution, rather than be given it out of pity or simple existence.

Autumn I'll be gone,
Birds will sing their mourning song.


I'm always willing to RP, either in chat or through owls. Just shoot me an owl.
(old account: Azure // this character is a remake of Aurilia)