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7f1da7624c56730 aka Benjamin Evancino is a wizard. He is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat.

About Me

is it possible to be born with b a d blood?

-- not a choice, but fate dipping its fingers into the DNA of an unborn child; a recessive gene? a bitter madness surfacing every few generations, a taint to the evancino line from an arrogant, aristocratic m i s t a k e for it was nothing less. back when blood purity in the wizarding world was desired beyond anything. a brother & sister were wed, and although the child appeared to be n o r m a l, he was named the ticking timebomb which changed the course of the future.

do you see it from the outside ?

can you purge it from the b o d y?

do you feel it from within ?

can you dispel it from the mind?

benjamin evancino is a thirteenth generation to his name. lucky 13. though that m i s t a k e is long diluted now -- and his father married a lovely woman of veela heritage --, more a legend than an active issue, it continues to instill that element of fear for those who remember, for oh how wrong did that man go, as did his great grandson after, who too went reeling,

- down,
--- down,
----- down,

... into the very depths of c h a o s and destruction.

and on it went.

most importantly however, is the question of can it be h i d d e n ,

or even used as power ?

--- there is a plus. thankfully for the highly intelligent benjie, he finds it terribly fascinating, and would be charmingly delighted to make your acquaintance and discover if you feel the same.


his mother & father did not. it could be argued that they never got to know him w e l l. the younger the child, the more volatile; it wasn't really his fault. but the past is the past. there is no reason to linger upon it. just another m i s t a k e to be buried -- six feet beneath the ground. where else could be safer?