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Wizard AeronThorne aka Aeron Thorne is a pure-blood wizard. He wields a 14" Redwood, Unicorn Hair wand, and is a member of Ravenclaw.

About Me

IC plays a 28 year old man; Slytherin.


Three brothers.
One Living.

After eight years, the war was over.
Chava Roku-Thorne: Dead before she was able to see the ending. Damien and Lucedio battled it out, but in the end, only one remained.

Neither were the twins.

Aeron escaped with Dam
ien's empty body, only to mourn the brother he came to care for. Within the few hours after the battle, he had buried that man in the grave plot next to his wife. Next to Aeron's sister-in-law.

He would visit their graves every year, just to make sure that, even in the afterlife, even if they had each other, they would not feel forgotten. It also entertained him, imagining what
Chava would think if she knew the man she wanted to murder was caring for her and her husband's graves.

The youngest Thorne, would leave his family past behind him. He would fulfill his brother's wishes, and Aeron would do his best to make a new Thorne legacy, a kinder one. One not based on hatred and fear, but loyalty and strength.

He would do this by starting a new life of his own.

This is the story of
Aeron Xavier Thorne.

The Beginning to an End: t-hogwartsplot-of-two-brothers.html
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The End to a New Beginning:
(To be posted soon.)

The New Beginning:
(Posts to be added within time.)