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God alex aka Alex Thodinn Dandridge III is a pure-blood wizard living in Caritas Tea Shop in Hogsmeade. He is a member of Slytherin.

About Me
(OOC: Hi guys! Just wanted to say that I probably won't be able to come here much anymore. Sadly, between taking night courses and working 2 jobs, I just don't have the time or energy anymore. I just want you all to know you were all really great! I will try to log on once in a while to keep Alex alive until a time he can return.)

Alex is currently in another dimension fighting off weird mice that are intent on invading our universe. The following letter was found in his room:

Dear Amber,
I love you so much. From the first moment I saw you, I knew I had been waiting for you all of my life. You are everything that perfection wants to be. If you found this letter it means I have found a way into the dimension of weird mice and I am now fighting them. Don't worry. I'm ok. I will love you forever. Always.
-Your husband, Alex

Wife: Amber! The most perfect woman in all of creation.
Daughters:Lassiepie, WhoLocks, Lyrapeverell
Little Sister: Littletmarcher

Tea Brother: Boomshire. Tea Knights forever.
Nieces: BasilLisk, IvoryGanger, DeadlyDee, Foxface
Brothers: AlbusDumbledore
Sister-in-law: Vixana

Has a shy Gray tabby named Tyler.

Totally won the card contest on 04/22/2014 with 524 cards!

Opened up a tea shop in Hogsmeade. The tea shop is called "Caritas". This shop also serves as his home.

Originally a hand puppet made from a dead salmon, Mr. Whiskers has become an actual zombie salmon who hides under beds.

Alex is extremely addicted to tea ever since his accident where he was trapped in a tiny room for a very long time, with only a crate of tea in the room to keep him alive.

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that this is an RP character. I have no interest in hurting anyone in real life, and so I want to make sure that everyone knows Alex is a character and acts as Alex would act. I never share real life info, and I NEVER ask for real life info. This is a good policy in all RP situations and makes it safe for everybody.