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Thirdyearboy AlexHamHam is a wizard living in Scar's Heart. He is a member of Ravenclaw.

About Me
Alex "The Man of the Year" HamHam is the Knight Prince in Shining armor of Scarlett "The Most Beautiful Princess to Ever Live" Night.

He is an upcoming Novelist and Song Writer who aspires to go on tour with Hamilton someday.

Alex "The Hero of the Universe" HamHam wakes up every morning 5:30 sharp with a gourmet breakfast from his super model and novelist wife Scarlett "The Cutie Beauty" Night, as he improvises french poetry for her. He frontflips from his 14th floor mansion into his valet parked 2018 Ferrari (I got connections) and gives the valet 3000$ in loose change. Pushes my Lambo to about 4 hundo (mph, mind you) and he arrives at the gym in no time. When he enters, the room scent suddensly changes from sweat to french cologne. That’s just the effect he has on places. Did his usual relax routine, 6000 push-ups, 8500 crunches, bench presses 30 plates, etc. etc. you know the drill. After doing his stuff in 16 minutes, his super strong senses get in action, he was smelling love. he looks up, and sure enough this fly honey was coming towards him. When i say fly, I mean his wife Scarlett "The Queen of Charm" Night. He carries her in his arms, hops back in the Lambo and goes back home. Now Alex and Scar are sitting here, drinking 15 000$ champagne and eating gold plated sushis made by their personal cooks. It’s only 6:30 and they are just starting their day. One can only dream what they will achieve together, with the power of true love. Stay positive friends.