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Witch AlexiaHeart is a half-blood witch. She is a member of Ravenclaw.

About Me
When she was three months old the Potters, Lily and James, found a young baby on their doorstep. They claimed her as their own and told everyone she was their son Harry's twin. When Lily and James were killed, she was sent to an orphanage where she was adopted by a couple, the Hearts, Mary and David. But when Alexia was seven, David left Mary and left Alexia with her. Mary abused Alexia and was often drunk. One day she got her letter to Hogwarts and could finally escape. Once there she was taken in by Scarlett Night and KillerFrost who are still her mothers to this day. Now that she's graduated, Alexia is a Healer at St Mungo's hospital. But one day she got a letter from the hospital telling her that they'd made her a Head Healer.

Adoptive Family:
Mothers: ScarlettNight and KillerFrost
Father: skylor
Sisters: EmmiAlmond, LadyAsh, Vivian, Lily Luna Shadow(NPC), NataliePowell, Azure, AmaliaRose, Elodie, Alexia and Ginger
Brothers: TerryCats, Sharpie, Magica
Uncle: GoldWolf
Grandmothers: AmphitriteFay and AelaLuthbrok.
Grandfathers: AlbusDubledore

Relationships Status: Married to JackEliv

Nicknames: Alex(Emmi), Lexi(ScarlettNight), AlGertrudeWinter), Lexia(LadyAsh and Boomer), Momma(AnnzyFranzy), Mummy(ArtemisPotter), Grandmum(Violet), Aly(Fred), Dear(JackEliv)

Animagus form: A white wolf with highlights that change colors according to her mood.

Appearance: Red hair, bright blue eyes and usually wears blue jeans and a black blouse.

Founder of the Bookworm club. If you want to join go ahead and owl myself and I'll see if you can join. Thanks
Myself- Founder
AnaMalfoy: Second in command
EnigmaX- Treasurer
TerryCats: Member

Healer: 02/03/2017
Head Healer: 18/06/2017