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LuciusBlack is a wizard. He wields a 12" Ebony, Chimaera Scale wand, and is a member of Ravenclaw.

About Me
Following the death of Sirius Black in 1996 at the hands of his estranged cousin, Bellatrix Lestrange. It was widely believed that the male line of the house had finally become extinct. Only the female line continued on within the Malfoy family. It seemed that one of the greatest, wizarding houses had sadly, been vanquished forever. However, this was not the complete truth. For many years previously, Cygnus Black had fathered an illegitimate child with a half-blooded witch. Of course, such infidelity, if revealed, would have tarnished the reputation of the family Black.

With the passing of his mother due to a complicated childbirth, Lucius J. Black was thereby an orphan. He was fortunate, to have quickly been adopted from the hospital by the Goldstein family, a proud family with a history of being sorted into Ravenclaw. He found a great affinity for his adopted parents. As such, many of the values and principles that Lucius would later form in his life had their origins in these early years. Values of kindness, acceptance and friendship he'd learnt from them, that they'd take such in an unknown child, with such short notice. At eleven years of age, Lucius was sorted into Ravenclaw house and excelled during his time at Hogwarts, particularly at potions and charms.

Driven by a hidden bloodline, Lucius felt that he needed to distinguish himself from his humble beginnings. Lucius left Hogwarts and become an entrepreneur, in the hopes of achieving great success that he so desired. He accumulated a large fortune from his business affairs and he spent philanthropically. Various organisations, such as the Lucius Black Academy of Magic, were founded under his name and proceed to help young academics achieve their own successes.
Lucius is very proud of his daughter Kasimira, who is currently studying at Hogwarts.

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