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Alvar aka Alvar is a wizard. He is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat.

About Me
"I won't leave you!" the little faerie yells stubbornly, his eyes burning bright with stubborn intention.

The woman in front of him sighs, running a hand over her wooden face. She was tall, with regal features and a long neck, completely made out of dark mahogany, "
You're not staying." she answers with finality ringing in her voice. "It is too dangerous."

The child grits his teeth and looks around. Already the sky has darkened, heat lightening illuminating the dreary gray clouds. It was getting colder now, as if the magic was draining from the land, all seeping towards the middle of the forest, where the ominous gate lay.

Alvar, the barriers are breaking down! Who knows what forces will come from beneath." she's calm and collected. He wanted to run away.

They are my people aren't they??" he asks, outraged that they would try to send him away from his home. He needed to protect them. He grabs his hair in frustration. He was smashing the flowers, better loosen his grip. "I could help! Maybe I could reason with them!"

The wooden woman smiles sadly and shakes her head. The leaves that made up her hair swished on the breeze. She was so lovely. "
You did not come into this world by peaceful circumstance. You were birthed out of war." she says sagely. "You were gifted to us, and we are bound to protect you. There is no discussion."

He crinkles his brow, and stomps his foot. "
I won't stand for this!" he screeches, throwing his arms out wide.

She smiles that sad smile and it breaks his heart. "
Oh little love." she breathes, "You don't have a choice."

And with that she reached to the ground, pulling up a handful of soil and bringing it to her dark lips. She whispers so softly. It sounds like music on the wind. Then suddenly without warning she blows hard, pushing it into the air and into his face.

What? What did you--" he stutters, and then his eyes fall close and all he knows is darkness.