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Fourthyearboy Andreas is a pure-blood wizard. He is a member of Ravenclaw.

About Me
~Andreas Conri-Petra~

~Sherry Conri-Petra~
~Amaranth Petra~


Andreas was born to Sherry and Amaranth but the only thing was he was born deaf. However neither of them really cared if he could hear or not and helped him in any way they could, even learning sign language with him. Being the youngest he was spoiled a lot by his older sisters Emmi, Isidora (Shadow), Fae and Memory. Luckily he had his brother Roamsy there to help him against his sisters if they got too overwhelming.

~His Letter~

He was in his room on his bed just reading a book when an owl flew through his open window and dropped an envelope onto his lap which startled him in time for him to look up and see the owl fly away. Carefully opening the envelope he read the letter and a minute later he was showing it to his parents who happily took him the next day to get his supplies.


On the way to Hogwarts he sat alone in his own compartment where he read a book after getting changed. He enjoyed the ride over the lake as he loved any kind of water and almost fell in at one point. At the sorting he was sorted into Ravenclaw and as he sat down he made a promise to himself that he would try and make some friends. Also, after cutting his finger accidentally, he found that he suffers from hemophilia when his finger wouldn't stop bleeding.

~Side Note~
He always carries a notebook and pen in his pocket so he can converse with people, especially since he doesn't like talking out loud and for those who don't know sign language

~Sexuality- Prefers guys~
~Relationship status- Taken by OliverSykes~