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God AndrewRomanov aka Andrew Loki Romanov is a 30 year old (DOB: May 28, 1988) pure-blood wizard living in #5644 Czar Dr, Moscow, Russia, Earth, Milky Way. He wields a 12½" Hawthorn, Dragon Heartstring wand, and is a member of Slytherin. His favorite Harry Potter book is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and his favorite Harry Potter character is Snape, Dobby, Moody, Neville, Luna..

About Me
Andrew Romanov, born to the Russian magical Premier Nikkolai Romanov. He spent the first 5 years of his life under the tutelage of his father the brother to Czar Nicholas the II.

Nikkolai was the arm of Voldemort on the continent during his first reign, supporting most of the Dark Lords pureblood agenda he was permitted free rule of the Soviet magical community upon Lenins uprising. Upong the fall of the Dark Lord Nikkolai turned the continental DE's into the Honor Guard of the Motherland, to serve the Romanov line to the death.

In 1993, Rasputin, the man who helped the mundane overthrow Andrews uncle from the Russian throne attacked the Romanov estate, killing Nikkolai and causing his bodyguards to flee the country with his toddler son, to be raised in England far from his native country and his birthright. Having been cursed by the foul Rasputin, Andrew was turned into a shade of humanity, a creature forced to feed on the life blood of others to sustain himself. Although neither vampire or human, Andrew made a deal with the death himself for a chance at revenge.

Vowing to avenge his father he began recruiting for the honor guard in England.

Father: AuroraPheonix
Ex-Wife: Alexandria Isonatey Deramore-Romanov

Godhood: 12/12/11

Marked with the Hammer and Sickle over crossed wands, a regal basilisk curled around the blade of the sickle posing to strike over its tip: The mark unlike Voldemorts doesnt implant a part of Andrews soul onto the recipient, it takes a portion of the recipients soul as leverage.
NicoleMary-Left Thigh.
KadajStrife-Left Forearm.
CygnusLestrange-Left Forearm.

KadajStrife- Cadet Sublieutenant

CygnusLestrange-lieutenant, exhiled-disgraced

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