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Goddess AnnieStylinson aka Annie Lestrange is a 25 year old (DOB: August 10, 1992) pure-blood witch living in Spinner's End. She wields a 12¼" Hawthorn, Phoenix Feather wand, and is a member of Slytherin.

About Me
Full Name: Annie Delilah Olivia Diana Stylinson-Lestrange

Annie never met her parents as they died when she was only a baby. She received an invitation to Hogwarts when she was 11, and has had an amazing life ever since.
At Hogwarts, she was at the top of her class. In fifth year, she was made a Prefect, and eventually, she earned the title of Head Girl. She was also Chaser on the Slytherin Quidditch Team and eventually was made Quidditch Captain.
She is compassionate, understanding, loving, and open-minded. She is also very ambitious, which is why she is in Slytherin.
She tends to have many walls up to protect herself and her feelings. When she finally opened her heart and took down her walls, she fell in love with Dean Lestrange: a wonderful friend who later became her husband. He is her husband, her dark lord, her god, the love of her life, her world, her soul mate, her everything.
Annie is also a very evil person, but that doesn't mean that she isn't nice. She is willing to make new friends, as long as they don't betray her.
She should be referred to as Annie Lestrange as she is married.

Hair colour: Light brown
Eye colour: Icy blue, cerulean blue, or blue-gray
Height: 5'9''

Husband: DeanLestrange
Wives: IvyandDove (Dove), zoeijones, and AnnaWinchester
Grandmother-in-Law: LilyBluestone
Mother-in-Law: AmandaRene
Father-in-Law: youwillsufferme
Sisters: LunaSnow, hufflepuffharry, and DelilahTommo
Sisters-in-Law: BBallRebekah, and IvyandDove (Ivy)
Brothers-in-Law: DarkHarry
Sons: Ezio
Daughters: SalenaWelther, AlexDarren, WitchLover, ChloeWeasley, WillowStylinson, wholockpotter, VioletCurtis, and HarrietPotter
Nephews: Nico
Grand-daughters: samfanator