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Anoa aka Anoa Tempest Lenore is a pure-blood witch living in her own little world. She is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat. Her her favorite Harry Potter character is Bellatrix.

About Me

She lives in the darkness. Show her the light.

Anoa was born on a sunny spring day, many years ago to pureblood parents. Her parents despised her from day one, and they soon abandoned their baby daughter on the streets. She laid there for days in a little basket, until an untrustworthy looking man and his wife took her in as their child no one was supposed to know about. To make sense, the man charmed Anoa's eyes to match his - almond shaped eyes the color of burning golden honey. Anoa's true parents had already giver her a first name which was embroidered in her blanket, but they hadn't bothered to give her a middle or surname. After days and weeks of pondering, they named their 'child' Anoa Tempest Lenore - the latter in irony to how they would raise her.

From then on, Anoa grew up being a porcelain-skinned, brunette-blonde antisocial girl. She spent her entire life locked up in a rather large pitch-black room with a little light, a desk and a TV which only played the muggle news. Even so, her 'parents' did take care of her. They fed her and allowed her showers and she was homeschooled. Anoa was a bright girl, eager to learn about just everything. She loves the manga Death Note, a present given to her from her 'father' one day. She gave her 'father' hugs whenever he was home - which wasn't often. The child always saw the man's face on the TV, with a "wanted" thing plastered above it, along with a reward. Anoa never understood this. The man's wife was a creepy soul, never speaking and always staring at the girl through a one-way peephole. Anoa was verbally abused daily by the woman, who she called Malice.

Now Anoa has figured out a way to get out of her room undetected. She is finally able to see the world. Strangers, however, stare at her and call her aloof, socially disabled and overall a creepy girl. But otherwise, Anoa Tempest Lenore is just a 'normal' girl, with 'normal' parents and a 'normal' life.

Or so it may seem. ♥