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Aredhel aka Aredhel Lindra Belleteyn is a 23 year old (DOB: October 7, 1994) half-blood witch living in London. She wields a 14½" Hawthorn, Unicorn Hair wand, and is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat. Her favorite Harry Potter book is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and her favorite Harry Potter character is Sirius Black.

About Me
White-blond, long hair, fair skin, blue eyes. About 5'7", slim figure, pointy face. A curved scar on her left cheek.
Wears most of the time tight pants, leather boots, a blouse and a short hooded cape reaching her waist. Carries around a worn-out, leather messenger bag where she puts her belongings. Her wand is attached to her belt by a small sheath.

Aredhel was born from a Muggle father and a witch, making her a half blood. She is an only child, and as such grew up being more comfortable around adults than children her age. Both her parents survived the first war with Voldemort, though her grandfather from her mother's side, who was an Auror at the time, perished in battle.

Hearing stories of her grandfather since a very young age, she decided that she would become an Auror as well when she grew up.

The scar on her left cheek comes from her first real mission as an Auror. What was supposed to be an easy investigation turned out a full-on attack by dark wizards, and her inexperience resulted in a vicious slash to her face.

Graduated from Hogwarts, now living in a flat in the wizard part of London (along with two cats and an owl) and working as an Auror,
Aredhel usually gives off the feeling of a quiet fierceness, intent eyes observing her surroundings. Slow to anger, but slow to forgive, she has a quirky sense of humor and is generally quite agreeable to people kind to her.

Aredhel excels at Charms and DADA, and handles herself pretty well at Transfiguration. Her favourite subject is Potions, and she likes to experiment in parallel of her Auror work. Her skills at Charms allow her a good grasp of glamours and such spells, making her an excellent choice for infiltration and investigation missions.