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Asher is a wizard. He is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat.

About Me

Asher Sage Vian.

| 16. |

Mutiny was a common thing for pirate captains to die from, if they weren't hung or lost at sea. With your hands and ankles tied with a rope, swimming ashore wasn't a choice. Slowly, you would sink to the bottom, thrashing to resurface, lungs filled up with salty water. There you would stay, in the longest four minutes of your life, begging for death. This was to be the case for his parents, but things hadn't gone that way. There were sea monsters at times, threatening to leap out at any time and engulf those in the water. Most pirates took them as stories, and those who didn't feared open waters. Asher had been sweeping the deck, done with his training for the day. He often would look up from his chore to watch his parents, who were nearby and chatting amongst themselves.

His father was the captain, though he'd made a grave mistake earlier. Before Asher could try and think what the crew's thoughts were, his parents were grasped tightly and shoved towards the other side, where the plank was. "
Sorry, Sebastian," was all he could hear, other than his mother's screams. He panicked as ropes were tightly wrapped and knotted around their wrists, racing to them. The snapping of the side of the ship stopped everyone, eyes wide. Soon, the entire bottom portion of the ship was torn out, and it started tilting over, before slowly sinking into the water's depths. One by one, men were snatched underwater, where they would face death.

Ma! Pa!" he hollered, but they were gone. He soon realized that the crew was being dragged underwater by an unseen creature, and he quickly swam far away. Luckily, he escaped, and perhaps others did as well. Thankfully, there was a ship nearby. It took a minute of hollering for them to notice him, and they quickly tossed a rope to him. "Thank you," he whispered.

That day, he decided he would follow his parents' footsteps to honor them.