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The Gentleman Asmodaeus is a wizard. He is a member of Gryffindor.

About Me
Much is owed to the excellent WitchyWoman and the good Jozlin for my present title. If I am fortunate for nothing else, then I must confess, I am singularly grateful that I can say I have the most wonderful friends.

All Under Heaven: WitchyWoman
Doc, the Good Lady: Jozlin
Her Majesty, the Exquisite M'mselle: Miska
A Gem, or at least as Precious: JemCalanon
Fair, Fabulous, Fantastic, Fetching: AnnaScipio
Rares, from the Latin and a Rarity: Errare
Favourite is Favourite; Best is Best: Irma
Rev;: Biker; All 'Round Awesome: Revbaal
Rose, to Whom All of One's Best Wishes Go To: RoseBlood
The Loveliest Lollipop Lover: Leanan
Attractive, Radiant, Delightful, Amazing: Ardarel
The Belle Most Belle: Teddy
Goddess Gorgeously Gilded Green: LilySnape
Beloved of Virtues, a Beauty: Patience
Absolute Best Defenestration Buddy: Ashlynn
Terrific and Terrifying, the Darkly Divine: Demon
Pink Panther Intellectual;: Damian
Most Elegant of Lesdemoiselles: EruannaTane
The Crazy Gamer - 10/10: WillTreaty
All Sorts of Epic: Ezias
Most Definitely an Angel: JadeClearwater
Her Highness, Madame la Princesse: Eilonwy
You Should Be Jealous Of Her: Envy
Rosy-Fingered; Many-Splendoured: Polyjuice
The Flower on the High Peak : Chirachi
Sweeping the Clouds Away: ArainaBlack
A Most Delightful; Spoonful of Sugar: AanikaMead
The Juan; and Only: !Juan

Lines from Late Night Skype:

"The reason the revolution was fought was because the colonies did not appreciate tea."