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Iron Angel Astrid aka Astrid Amadeo is a 25 year old (DOB: March 10, 1994) part-veela witch living in your dreams. She wields a 12½" Pink Ivory, Chimaera Scale wand, and is a member of Ravenclaw.

About Me

Date of Birth: December First, 1999
Only child of Luciano and Gabrielle Amadeo, decendant of the great Renaissance artist Raphael Santi.
Sorted into Ravenclaw she continued the tradition of Santi children destined for greatness.

Eyes: Slate
Those eyes were bereft of warmth, appropriate for the feeling the color represented.
Brought up in a household where power meant success, it did not do to show any emotion and she made her family proud.

Hair: Espresso
The depth of color betrayed her cold exterior.
Flecks of russet, caramel, and mahogany were visible in the right light, much like the facets of a diamond.
She, too, had varying degrees though she preferred to keep people at arm's length.

Favored Spell: Crucio
An Unforgivable.
She witnessed its power first-hand as a young girl, the target being her uncle.
Uncle Nicolai had been caught stealing from his sister, her mother, and was punished appropriately for it.
Astrid was enthralled ever since.

Patronus: Osprey
Called the Sea Hawk, these were the only birds she remembered seeing as she was escorted to Azkaban for murder.
Nicolai didn't learn his lesson and attempted to steal from her.
She used Crucio until he died.

Animagus: European rabbit (unregistered)
Taking her cue from the history books she bided her time in her cell, periodically taking the form of this animal to fool the dementors.
Once enough time had passed she Transfigured a heap of scraps into a replica of her body, shifted to her rabbit form, and burrowed out of Azkaban.
She was declared dead for all of ten minutes.

Now on the lam from the Ministry she's taken up residence in Spinner's End, proudly bearing the Amadeo name and ready to give her loyalty to the Dark Lord's supporters.


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