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Magnificent Augustus is a wizard. He wields a 14" Elder, Chimaera Scale wand, and is a member of Ravenclaw.

About Me

The Magnificent Augustus

Extracts taken from-
AIR: History's Finest"by Bathilda Bagshot


...The rather peculiar child was born in April '93 to an unidentified family. Very little is factually known about the little boy at this stage in life. Some believe that he was an orphan from a very wealthy family. Others say that the baby was sold by a family living in absolute poverty. All agree that the boy would become known as Augustus."

...At age 10, the mysterious child was found homeless on the streets of Godric's Hollow. A local family kindly adopted him and gave him the name Augustus. One year later, Augustus received an acceptance letter from Hogwarts. It was in Hogwarts that Augustus developed a passion for History that would last a lifetime."

...The brilliant student excelled at school from the very start. Attaining the highest grades at OWL and NEWT level. Yet, he sought a career in History despite a plethora of opportunities for a man of his ability. Upon graduation, the young man started work as an archaeologist studying throughout Europe."

...One of the finest to have worked in the profession. His discoveries have educated the wizarding world on the history and culture of magic. Throughout his countless travels Augustus has acquired an extensive understanding of countless languages. He is now father to a boy named Suriel during his illustrious career.

...On a seemingly average day, Augustus met a woman that would change everything. A woman like no other. A woman that he would want to spend the rest of his life with. Her name was SilverRose. She would become his wife and they would have a daughter together named Lauren.


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