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Friends Lover Ross aka Avita Bryant is a witch. She is a member of Hufflepuff.

About Me
"I want to become a potions professor." Avita gasped out, finally answering her head of house after months of hearing the question 'What do you want to do once you graduate?' Little did she know that the answer was the worst aspiration she could come up with.


Avita Bryant is the eldest daughter of Zack Bryant and Luna Shadow. She has a younger sister named Skye. Her boyfriend, Charlie Zander, is the love of her life. She would do anything for him. As the eldest daughter of the Bryants, Avita needs to carry herself as a courageous, headstrong individual while finding a few moments to laugh or pull a couple of uncaught pranks. She spent her school days studying to ensure she earned the highest grades possible - at least until before Charlie won her over.

She aspires to become the next Hogwarts potions professor. However, she would much rather spend time relaxing with her future fiance.

Avita is eighteen in character.

January 6, 2014 - BlaikeRoydel gave Avita a gold star for her shameful attempt in writing a bio. She proudly wears it on her forehead.