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Axeman aka Chris is a half-blood wizard living in London. He wields a 15½" Holly, Dragon Heartstring wand, and is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat. His his favorite Harry Potter character is Harry or Ginny.

About Me
Growing up in a home of both muggle and magical parents Axeman became well balanced between the 2 worlds. The name "Axeman" itself came from his early fascination and talent at playing the guitar

Axeman is very well versed in muggle sports with a special interest in professional wrestling. He does have a fascination with Quittich (Prefering to watch and play the chaser position above all others as it is more free to move and there is more fun to be had).

His 2 life mottos are:

1. Never wonder what if because if you only wonder you can never truely know.
2. You only get one life so live it to the funnest and fullest. If you find something to enjoy every day and are always striving to learn something new about our never ending world than you will never have a problem with this.

Axeman is well above the average intelegence level, as is shown in his regular Hogwarts grades, but can be found more times than not throwing caution to the wind for a bit of fun

When not studying Axeman can be found hanging with friends, or practicing the guitar (Alternating between learning the muggle styles of jazz, fingerstyle, and muggle rock hits by bands like The Scorpions, Dream Theater, Alter Bridge, Led Zeppelin, and notable half blood guitarist Neil Schon of the band Journey).

He also is regularly found learning about the implementation of muggle technology, mainly computer systems into magical societies and establishments