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AziaWing is a wizard. He is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat.

About Me
Born in the flames of a war, growing up watching his father command over the Wings of Sedition. His father being strict and expecting nothing less than perfection. Azia quickly got in his head that his father required perfection. Azia wanting the respect of his father, not that his father was disrespectful to him, but Cross obviously had more respect for Azia's half brother, Tobiaz. Azia would also spend much of his time training in the art of sword fighting. And at times would spar with his sister Araligh. At a young age Cross had a great painter paint a picture for Azia to look up to. It is a picture that Azia has grown up with comparing himself to it. His air of aloofness and indifference is a product of dignity that only one of such rare power may possess. Azia is more or less emotionless, only anger, annoyance, and dissatisfaction showing on his face. But also had a side to him that was compassionate though he rarely showed it. Azia is obsessively proud of his father Crosslighten, of whom the whole world was in awe. And always was striving to ear his respect. Because he respects his father's bloodline so much, he despises his more Kitsune looking twin sister Araligh, and his own mother, Mara. Once he judges someone as a obstacle, he is quick to kill without hesitation. Unlike most killers Azia's kills were swift and effective. Toying with his victims, why, that was just in bad taste as far as Azia was concerned. zia stayed in a half Kitsune and half unknown (Cross' bread) form. His wings were not a big as his father's but they made for better agility, or so Azia told himself.When engaged in battle, Azia is always cool and calm. Moreover, he rarely shows any emotions while fighting, and he's unfazed even when hit. He's extremely observant of his surroundings and reacts very quickly to respond to them- it's as though nothing ever surprises him. His speed is incredible and he dodges attacks so easily it's like second nature to him.