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Ben is a wizard. He is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat.

About Me

The split between Heaven and Hell happened on a Tuesday. Or at least, that is the generally agreed upon date as there were not calendars and dates in existence yet. On that vague Tuesday, Lucifer decided that it was high time that he moved out and made a name for himself, instead of living in his father's shadow.

Heaven was in a state of upheaval. Angels turned upon one another in their uncertainty, with all the divine fury they could muster.

All of the Angels had to make a choice that day, and Lucifer was a seductive temptation. Many followed him readily, having waited for this day to finally arrive. Others cursed him, content to stay with their father in Heaven.

A choice had to be made.

Ben had chosen the less popular answer of "
Oh, I'm terribly flattered, but no thank you."

It had caused quite a stir, or so he was told. He hadn't stuck around long after that. He blinked out of existence, appearing again in what would become a lovely little Seaside village in Ireland. Often he wondered if his father was angry with him, but thus far he'd received no smiting of any sort, so be was probably in the clear.

That suited Ben just fine. He'd picked up many names over the years, along with different appearances, clothing, and a very nice hat collection that he was rather proud of. Earth was such a contrast to Heaven and Hell, which were quite set in their ways, and too uptight if you asked him.

Earth was fluid, it hurtled through the sky without a proper direction or plan. The humans were chaotic and beautiful and so very alive. He adored their bizarre outlooks on life. He'd spent history being entertained by these creatures before they ended up going one way or another at the end of it all.

After all this time, he still hadn't chosen a proper side. To Ben, all earthly creatures were wonderful in their own ways, there was no use in getting picky about it.

After all, why use your powers for Good or Evil when you can use them for personal gain?