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Blythe is a pure-blood witch. She is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat.

About Me

Blythe Phaedra Deramisa

The precious seven-year-old daughter of Zell and Angel, born with purple hair so dark it seems almost black as obsidian, and eyes so blue they could destroy the perfection of the sky without effort. Blythe was named after her Purma, as Blythe is her maiden name. Phaedra, her middle name, is a Greek word that means "bright".

Blythe is indeed a very intelligent creature for her age, considering she is only a mere child. Blythe's ears are slightly pointed, due to Angel having pointed elf ears (the result of an experiment gone wrong). In addition, Blythe is half Fae, thanks to Zell (which also means she has a severe allergy to iron).

Even though she's technically still a very young child, Blythe has an odd obsession with Star Trek (she thinks she's the female version of Spock), metal music, Umbrellas (it's a family thing) and cute cats wearing fancy jumpers. Blythe has one older sister, Alivia, who is adopted. She loves her just as equally as the rest of her family, and refuses to accept the fact that she actually isn't related. Blythe is a mute, which means she does not speak at all; if she does, you can't hear her. She does communicate with hand movements and things of that nature. Blythe owns a ginger kitten called Lilith, name after a demon.

Although she may not act like it, Blythe is actually quite crazy in the head. Perhaps she's inherited the craziness, perhaps she hasn't. Either way, she's completely paranoid. She is intelligent enough to keep the craziness inside, which makes her seem oddly normal.