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Briarley is a witch. She is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat.

About Me


--- a fairytale from the exterior view; one big happy household, wealthy and titled. A charming manor as h o m e, with perfect gardens. House elves at command, close friends at beck & call. a darling of a daughter.

for every day there is night,
for every dark there is light.
for every b e a u t y there is b e a s t...

creeping softly out of sight.

--- briarley jade rosier, date of birth february 14th like a true romantic had a mother and a father who cared naught for her nor each other in their c o l d - h e a r t e d lives, but for status, power, and gold.

a tale as old as time,
a love hate paradigm.
a whole f a m i l y on verge of d e s t r u c t i o n...

at the bell of a clock's final chime.

--- midnight went tick-tock, that fateful date; joyeux anniversaire to their youngest. 'stead of cheers there were s c r e a m s, and the shattering of glass as mama and papa were whisked off for life.

turns out they were evil at heart,
turns out they were less than smart.
to be c a u g h t for their many c r i m e s...

and torn so ruthlessly apart.

--- now the four children are scattered; a routine of freedom for briarley, refusing to relinquish her privilege without f i g h t. on her own rules don't apply, nor does the term no. her story is beginning.

she has a mesmerizing narrative to tell,
she will place you under her spell.
she is an e n c h a n t i n g and unpredictable s o u l...

caught between the realms of heaven and hell.


ic family: nickolas [rosier cousin], caudalie [desrosiers - assumed cousin]