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Cade is a muggle-born wizard. He is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat.

About Me

Cade Halifax

Is a Fifth Year ICly

Cade is the only son of the noble Muggles Silas and Aldora Halifax, a wealthy member
of England's higher society. Famous throughout England, the Halifax family had made a name
for themselves by the arrival of their son,
Cade. Yet to their dismay, Cade

Born a wizard, the first of his family to do so,
Cade was born a Muggle-born. While his parents never hated the fact he was of magical blood, they knew that drastic changes had to be made. Discovering everything they could about the magical world, through techniques they weren't all to happy to admit, they learned the horrible truth. Growing up Muggle-born would

Used to their higher society way of living, his parents found a solution to this problem.
After...coercing someone from the wizarding world to help, their plan took roots. Finding a
way to make the 'False Memory Charm' into an aura that could be placed around themselves,
they entered the magical world as the newest purebloods around.

Cade never learned of his parents' deceit, and has grown up believing he was born into
the wizarding world pure. Having an air of expectancy around him, he has always gotten
everything he has wanted, his parents fueling that constantly. Well-articulated and intelligent,
he has developed this sense of expectancy into manipulation, one he is quite proud of.

He is unworthy, yet he doesn't know.

Cade easily got accepted into Hogwarts, with everyone around him believing him to be pureblood thanks to his parents' plan. How long this secret can last remains to be seen.

Cade is a Slytherin IC. His parents were quite proud.