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Death Deity caring aka Caring is a witch living in Forbidden Forest.. She is a member of Slytherin. Her her favorite Harry Potter character is Hagrid.

About Me
Caring is a silver blue wolf Form shifter that has wolf ears and tail out all the time. She likes to wear dresses and or skirts as it keeps her tail from getting caught. As a form shifter she is able to become an adult, small child or a preteen. Each form she also has wolf ears and tail when in those forms. At times Caring will also take the form of a wolf pup when she feels she's in danger. Caring also likes being nice to others even if they see her as a freak. She doesn't want what others think of her get in the way of how she acts. She also has things that she hates about herself but keeps it well hidden from view. Caring's age is unknown, she acts like a child allot of the time, unable to say how she feels and acts without thinking. She loves chocolate and playing in gardens of flowers, chasing after cats and sometimes dogs. While not being hunted down her her elders of her race she enjoys watching how humans react to one another.

Caring also hides when she is in pain and will normally act as if nothing is wrong even when she is paler then a ghost and sicker then a dog.

Caring also wishes that there would be less fighting and more kindness spread around.