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cb3522f15a15647 aka Cygnus Black IV is a 58 year old (DOB: June 6, 1960) pure-blood wizard. He wields a 13" Ash, Kelpie Hair wand, and is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat.

About Me
Son to Bellatrix before she became a Lestrange, a child to a teenage girl and without a father. Cygnus Black the IV was born with hatred in his soul and was said to have emerge from the womb with a glint of hunger in his black orbs that even terrified his crazed mother. Yet his mother's fear was quickly replaced with disgust as Hadrian became the first Black to be born as a squib. The boy grew up watching his mother how such beautiful and potent magic, causing him to become envious of the power he was unable to conjure up that everyone else around him could. This fueled the hate boiling in the darkest pits of the boy's mind, his already black eyes darkening with each passing day and any hint of affection or love that Cygnus may have shown waning rapidly.

As Cygnus reached the age of maturity, the man left his mother's suffocating grasps and went in search of a way to gain any form of power that he could call his own. Years passed by, leaving Cygnus crushed and nearly defeated as all leads seemed to end with disappointment. However, just as the man was about to give up, a beautiful woman with hair darker than coal and crimson orbs that enticed him in the oddest of ways. She smiled at him before offering him exactly what he desired, power beyond compare in exchange for a blood debt to the woman. Without hesitation, he slashed his hand and splattered the contract with his life force. With a cackle, the woman vanished in a column of flames and Cygnus felt a rush of energy flow through his veins.

From that day forward, the man who he was before the deal was made slowly vanished as another personality took hold of the man. Those who encountered him began to call him "Hadrian" and with each being he slaughtered with his newly found magic, he consumed the dead's powers for his own and Cygnus slipped further away.

Though Hadrian has not been seen for 31 years now, his return is closing in and his first targets to sate his hunger are selected; his blood.