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Uprising CharlieZander aka Charles Maximilian Alexander is a 23 year old (DOB: November 4, 1994) pure-blood wizard. He is a member of Ravenclaw.

About Me
There was an old bio here once upon a time. I don't know where I saved it though.

*Charlie is making a return.*


The Brilliant Minds.

Hope is an immensely dangerous thing. Hope can drive a man insane. Charles Alexander, alias Charlie Zander, relied on hope throughout his life as a means of keeping himself stable, and holding the anger laced guilt at bay. For seven years in relative silence and good nature he studied at Hogwarts and now finally of age, he is free. Almost. Plagued by the constant instabilities of his overactive and restless mind, a small crack developed through shock and strain back in his third year, which only grew as time passed on to create something secondary; something alternate to the Charlie everyone knew and loved. The other, missing half of the amiable young man, born many a year ago through grief and despair yet hidden; festering in the darkness surrounding his heart, unfurling, stretching, awakening and surfacing uncontrollably. No longer restricted and confined by the grounds of the school which became his home, he wanders endlessly and unchained, searching for something long forgotten by the remainder of the world. Someone lost. His morals are concrete, yet deviate from iron law scribed by society itself and instead along a path carved by himself, for himself. He stands a neutral party, unbiased and unpredictable, caring only for what he believes in.

"I am the judge, jury and executioner of my own court. And you? You're standing for trial."

For the sake of nostalgia;
First IC appearance: 2010.
Avita: OOC wifey since 31-05-14 but technically 7-01-12.
Godsis forever: AstoriaGalatea (Astro)
Bestie forever: BlaikeRoydel.
Responsible for the Charlie/Charles split: Sienna.
Fairy Godmother count: 7.
Xizen's pet Norris.
Darley's almost son.

> Uprising CharlieZander says, "You looked amazing with makeup."
> The Winds of Winter Reylan says, "I looked like Leatherface in drag."