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ciekamalfoy aka Cieka Bagayana is a 21 year old (DOB: May 2, 1998) pure-blood witch living in Malfoy Manor. She wields a 12" Ivy, Dragon Heartstring wand, and is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat. Her favorite Harry Potter book is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and her favorite Harry Potter character is Draco Malfoy, Bellatrix Lestrange & Severus Snape..

About Me
ou say Edward Cullen, I say Harry Potter
You say red and black, I say red and gold.
You say Forks, I say Hogwarts.
You say Edward and Bella, I say Ron and Hermione.
You say Jacob Black, I say Sirius Black.
You say Volturi, I say Death Eaters.
You say, “Go to Hell” I say, “Go kiss a Dementor.”
You say go die, I yell Avada Kedavra
Re-post if you love Harry Potter

You could call me Cieka.
i soooooo love ::
Reading, writing, singing, eating, and anything to do with Harry Potter. >.<
[[: Something about me? I am a RAVENCLAW, a proud one in fact ! :p
And i soooo LOVE Draco Malfoy !! (It's obvious isn't it? :)

I am a solid POTTERHEAD. I am one and i will always be one,
Harry will always be in my HEART
Ron will always be my KING and
Hermione will always be the BRIGHTEST.
I know the books by heart, just as Hermione knows Hogwarts; A History. Ü

Although, i like Twilight, Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, The Chronicles of Narnia and A Series of Unfortunate Events.
I am a certified DRAMIONE (Sorry Won-won, you could do for Lavander though- she's crazy about you [But you'll always be my KING ! xP] :) and
a LILY/SNAPE (Well, they're love story is not very common though. Sorry James!)
I love them both
The story does not always revolve around famous POTTER and his stupid SCAR !
-sounds like DRACO !!
(: no offense ! LOLx ..
-it's just for F U N !

If you use WATTPAD, fan me as: ciekamalfoy
And in Pottermore: HexQuill4125

Hi to all fellow POTTERHEADS out there.
[: hoping to bump on them as i take my journey here in HOGWARTSLIVE. Ü
L O V E L O T S S ! :***