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Thirdyearboy Clancy is a half-blood wizard. He is a member of Ravenclaw. His his favorite Harry Potter character is Luna Lovegood.

About Me
Clancy J. Laursen, or CJ for short, was your typical child growing up.
He would take his bike down to the playground with the rest of the boys, swing on the swingset and dangle from the jungle gym.
But all that changed when Clancy began to levitate at the age of 7.
There were nights when he would tie himself to his bed, of course, this came after he had found himself floating inches away from the ceiling.
It had taken him half an hour to get down.
During one of those nights, it had been Clancy's mother, Mrs. Laursen who had been awoken by a thumping noise coming from her son's room. Mr. Laursen, who had passed out upon getting in bed, was snoring too loud to hear the commotion that followed. As Mrs. Laursen opened the door, she screamed, which is a very natural reaction when one catches their son floating inches off the floor with their bed tied around their waist.
Nothing could have prepared Clancy for the conversation that followed.
He was a wizard. His parents were not, due to the fact that they were also not his biological parents, but they loved and cared for him as if he was. His real mother had died during childbirth, leaving Clancy an orphan. It didn't take long before he was adopted. When he was a baby, Mrs. Laursen had noticed how peculiar he was and got in touch with the adoption agency, which gave her an address but no number to call. After a few weeks, she had gotten her answer. She had kept it hidden from him until he was old enough.
This didn't make him any less their son, nor did it mean they would treat him any different.
Because of this, Clancy was able to continue having a relatively normal upbringing until the day finally came when he would have to leave home and head to Hogwarts.