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Pamp;inkPanther DamianBlack aka Damian is a 25 year old (DOB: March 22, 1994) pure-blood wizard living in Godric's Hollow. He wields a 12½" Mahogany, Dragon Heartstring wand, and is a member of Slytherin. His favorite Harry Potter book is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and his favorite Harry Potter character is Sirius Black.

About Me

Father: Ice -- Mother: Pam Brasiliera
Wife: Stavroula (Since 3rd September 2011)
Sons: Magluf, Reylan. -- Daughter: Callie
Siblings: Pandabear (Volkov), Kathryn (Feuer), and Azure (Feuer).
Grandmother: Ardarel
The Most Amazing Twinny: AislingBlack
Siblings-who-are-no-longer-sibling s: JadeClearwater, Ismene and XavieraVeridel.

Joined 6th June 2011.