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Darian aka Darian Gray is a pure-blood wizard. He wields a 14½" Cypress, Unicorn Hair wand, and is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat.

About Me
In a romantic fashion
I will
experiment with my fear right before her eyes
And every smile that's
unveiled will be soaked
in my
nervous charm.

And then I'll say,

"Is everything alright?
There's been a few things I've been meaning
to let go of tonight.

And she will say,
"Everything's just fine
So you can put an end to your worrying mind.

And then our lips will collide.

August sky will then bare witness
to a brand new
chapter with torn up pages.
When the
planets align, I can feel the gates opening
to my
As I proceed to run my
fingers through her hair
forget everyone who's jaded, 'cause they don't matter
and I don't

And I don't care...

In a
confident fashion
I will admit my
deepest and darkest to her.
And every
gaze across the table
will send my unsuspecting body into

And then I'll say,
"Would; you like to go inside?
and forget the world and the rules
by which we are to abide.

And she will say,
"There's nothing I want more."

As we step into the room, turn off the lights and close the door.

Consider this song a testament
of my devotion to your saccharine scent
And to be completely honest
you're not like all the rest.

You're not like all the rest.

*IC: Darian Gray is a Seventh Year. I'm a lazy leveller. Deal with it.

Lyrics: "The Spill Canvas - The Night Will Go As Follows."