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Supreme Goddess Diaphonie aka Dia is a 27 year old (DOB: July 3, 1991) half-blood witch living in Spinner's End. She wields a 11½" Hazel, Unicorn Hair wand, and is a member of Ravenclaw. Her favorite Harry Potter book is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and her favorite Harry Potter character is Severus Snape.

About Me
Goddess 11/18/15
Supreme 12/27/15

Diaphonie is a witch in her late twenties who is currently doing her best to save some gold for a Diviner's shop in Hogsmeade. The Sight runs in her family, but the gift hasn't been as strong in anyone else for generations. Her mother, who writes the astrology section for Witch Weekly, is thought to simply have a good sense of intuition. Dia, however, came into the Sight in her fifth year at Hogwarts, where she was a Gryffindor.

Her favorite means of Divination is tarot cards. Being born under Cancer, her card is The Chariot which represents having difficulty moving away from a place or situation. She feels this suits her well as she is usually hung up on something from the past and kept stagnant due to internal conflict and fear of moving forward. Dia is ruled primarily by her emotions, which makes her sensitive at times and impulsive most of the time. She loves to flirt, but would always choose a deep conversation over batting her eyelashes at some boy.

Diaphonie prides herself on her empathy and intuition. She's excellent at rooting out the best people and likes to keep them close. And the distasteful? Well, she always tries to see where they're coming from but usually keeps them at a distance to keep from getting hurt.

After a brief vacation from the wizarding world in general, Diaphonie returned with gusto early this year. In a rather fortuitous turn of events, she ran into a proper gentleman in the woods. It was easy to see that Kuro was more than intriguing. She didn't need to consult the cards to know that there was something good in their future. Their marriage was an obvious step and one she was glad to take.

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