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Diem is a witch. She is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat.

About Me

7th Year


Diem; Sorrel, potion-wielding; extraordinaire.. or something like that.
After an accident at age 6 left Diem with a magical handicap
, she decided to dedicate her life to finding her own cure. The once and future metamorphmagus lost her ability to change
( and found trouble with wand magic) after a horrific accident that also claimed the life of her aunt. Aunt Tilly was known for her experiments- wild, dangerous feats of magic that no one sane would attempt. Unfortunately for both Aunt Tilly and young Diem.. Aunt Tilly had never quite been sane. Diem has no memory of the actual accident. She woke several weeks later in St. Mungo's with a shaved head, scars across her body, and severe headaches. It would be the start of a long relationship with the hospital.

5 years and many visits later
, Diem had come to think of St. Mungo's as a second home. Her parents had gone so far as to take jobs in the hospital to help offset the costs of her treatments. This, plus her familiarity with the staff, gave DIem license to explore the hospital at her leisure. Very few areas had escaped her notice, but one floor in particular always drew her back- The Department of Research in Magical Cures.

Set below the main floors of the hospital
, this 'personnel; only' floor was dedicated to labs and research. Witches and wizards in white robes labored over cauldrons, experimenting with ingredients and methods. Witches and wizards in sensible muggle clothing apparated in and out of designated areas. They brought in the ingredients.

Diem was fascinated
. Right away, she knew she would one day work for the department, thus enabling herself to find her own cure. She wanted her magic back and her resolve doubled once she went to Hogwarts.