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Goddess Doggo aka Lex is a witch. She is a member of Gryffindor.

About Me
Doggo was once Gato's bestfriend, before Gato turned to the dark side, became the one who had GoneRogue. Doggo has spent time trying to find her bestfriend once again, though as the whiskers twitch and the tail wags, Doggo loses more hope.

Doggo is a nice pupper though be warned, do not be fooled by the adorable eyes, Doggo may be smol but Doggo is loyal to her friends and will protect them, cost what it may, even if has to become a boof boof doggo

Mother- Sherrysnape
Sisters- VannessaStar, FaeXylia, ShadowLefaire, Emmaline, LillianRose, Addison
Brothers - NealCaffrey

Favourite drink is coke :3 don't steal it or you'll have a snipsnap doggo to deal with >.>