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e2e74b82a385a66 aka Talon Black is a pure-blood wizard living in Chamber of Secrets. He wields a 15½" Ash, Hippogriff Talon wand, and is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat. His favorite Harry Potter book is Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and his .

About Me
Nicknames: Tal , Tallie , Tawwie , T , Claw , Birdy , Talos , Spike
Brother: Strikeblood, Darkblood, CoolClawz
relationship : Taken by KaiteFireMoon ( The One i knew was THE ONE.)
Son: , Talon jr. (IC) , Telemachus , dragonus
Mother: CourtnieeDurham (IC / OOC ) , HannahMalfoy ( OOC )
Twinneh: CoolClawz
Father: (Deceased)
Best Friend: KaiteFireMoon ,snakecharmer, , Hannahmalfoy , msboilermaker , Leanan
Daughter:Katlen, Nikki , BrynhildrFreya , Melody , AdmetaRiddle
Sister: CarmaMickey
Bestie for Life : KCmiller ( the best friend ill ever come upon :3 )
Granddaughters: Emma , TemperanceHull , BrycenHart
Neice: , prettyrose , love , ShadowedRose , kyrah , katiedumbledore , kireneko , Eclipse
Granddaughter: Emma , BrycenHart
2x: WiseAthena,
Nephew: kaito, ZackX, BlackxWings, percyjackson , SinCara, JoeyPotter
Son-in-law: posiedon
Appearence: muscular, lightly tan, Navy Blue eyes, Spike/talon tattoo on bothe upper arms and bottom shoulder, shaved black hair

Talon is young, talented, and interesting man that does anything to help others, whether its protecting them or simply buying them a firewhiskey. He grown up in a dark neiborhood without a dad, not knowing how he was born. He used to get into many fights and always had enemies everywhere he went. He soon got a letter from Hogwarts and made it his permanent home. He is very strong, and prefers a knife over a wand, thinking wands are too overrated. He makes money off of thievery and bounty. He is also werewolf, and could form from time to time, he sometimes hears voices in his head also and cant control himself. Nobody ever knows why. He is also Leader/Founder of the Elites of Sedition ( E.O.S). Talon when he began to finally mature into what seems a very evolved Predator , or person in general.. he soon took up the act of becoming the God of Darkness.

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