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e8a415fdaac1bb7 is a part-giant wizard living in My little house by the lake in the shades. He is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat.

About Me
OOC family:
Sisters: Pyra, Calli, and Samanta
Brother: Midas

IC family:

My pic says all but my past. I'm here on this little bio thing to tell you the past. So have a bit of fun, dearest.

Since I was young, I was gifted. I was able to be one with the crowd, get away with most things. The reason I'm here is just a little visit, I hope I'm not a burden. Now, for the importance and what I'm here to tell you. My past is a true yet unordinary tale, you see. I ran, or rather walked, away from home at a young age and found myself inside and out to be a wonderous person. I decided as to be a subject for my own love. I cut myself and licked the blood, I examined myself to the extent of what is humanly possible and became fascinated. So I continued to the pount where I could not have done more. So I examined my mental abilities. I once talked to animals and could understan them but I cannot now for it has been so long. I may love and that is what I believe is a good thing. There is a quote that I have decided has best to describe my philosophy- "It is the human nature for us to die; what matters is how and for what cause." Anonymous.

Neko form: black eyes, black tail, black ears