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ecdea52b6fa4414 is a witch. She wields a 11" Reed, Kelpie Hair wand, and is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat.

About Me
What is it like having all you known taken away from you? To be uprooted from your home, your family, your society, and thrown into a world where nothing makes sense?

Lynna and her sister, Kaia, were mermaids. That was, however, until they fell in love with Zale. Strong, confident, proud, he was everything mermaids wanted.

Except he wasn't real.

Xenobia was an evil witch with evil plans. Her motives remained unknown, but Zale was her creation. A false mermaid used to capture others. Zale brought them to her, and there they met the woman that would forever haunt their nightmares.

An experiment, she called it. How well could mermaids survive above water? At first
Lynna thought she was going to force them to the shore, leaving them to die. What she did, however, was much worse.

A curse flew at both of them. Then blinding pain. She felt as if her bottom half of her body ripped apart. The webs in her fingers shrunk... disappeared. Her teeth dulled, her skin grew tan, and instead of a tail... legs shot from beneath her.

Human, she was a human. No longer a mermaid, and no longer able to breathe under water. Quickly the water filled her new lungs, forcing her to sink into darkness. When she awoke, she was beside her sister, washed ashore. No one was around them. No
Zale, no Xenobia. Just the two sisters, unable to walk, unused to weight.

Not knowing English, they lived in the forest, learning how to survive. There they discovered the new powers they had. Witches, they were Witches. They were the very thing that changed them.

Not only that, but their powers were enhanced.
Lynna had an affinity to animals. She could communicate with them, not by words, by feelings. She could control them... well, as much as animals can be controlled.

As they grew, they learned to communicate in English. They learned the human culture, how to interact with them. And now, their greatest challenge lies in Hogwarts.