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God Enjolras is a half-blood wizard. He is a member of Gryffindor.

About Me

Let others rise to take our place, until the earth is free

Husband: Grantaire

Mother: Jezebel (Catherine)
Sister: LucindaBlack
Son: Courfeyrac

Glorious one: JeanProuvaire
Glorious yet terrifying one: AdamarissaMay

En, Enj, Enjy, Enjo, Eraser (Ashlynn), Apple (Ada), Jojo (Ada), Apollo (Grantaire)


The Enjolras of today is very different to how he was when he was a child. As a child, he was innocent. He knew nothing of the world and what it could possibly throw at him. Now, he knows a bit more. He has a thorough understanding of society and how it works. He knows more about politics than he ever thought he'd want to know. As a child, he adored Potions, and he always thought life would lead him down that path. A Potion Master maybe, or perhaps he would own his own apothecary. However, as he grew older, the experiences that he had made him realise he had a different purpose. He'd always wanted to help people, and yes, a career in the potions field would mean he would be able to help people. But he would be only making a small difference in people's lives. This new purpose would allow him to be more drastic, make significant changes in people's lives for the better.


Now however, the one thing that matters most to Enjolras is Grantaire. Grantaire, who annoys the hell out of him, who loves to mock him and drive him completely insane. Ask Enjolras at what point he fell in love with the man, and he wouldn't be able to tell you. All he knows is that he did, and by some miracle Grantaire fell in love with him as well. The two danced around one another for a long time, but finally it all came out into the open. The pair are now married, and Enjolras couldn't be happier. Grantaire matters more to him than anything.