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EresInteritus is a wizard. He is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat.

About Me
Dark haired and green eyes, Eres' father knew that his son was to be an Interitus heir. Locked in their manor, raised in their beliefs, Eres was to have no mind of his own. Free will was to be lost on him. Manipulation of his entire life, from start to finish, was his destiny.

Or so they thought...

They had not counted on Eres being different. He was more intelligent than they believed him to be, more independent. His mother and father wished their own lifestyle upon him, and for now... Eres would play along. But, they don't know. They never will. They'll never know that he's got another voice in his head giving him advice. They don't know that it was their fault that the voice was even there.

They don't know... that the voice is real.

Only Eres can separate the voice from the long hissing everyone else would hear. Because Eres... is a Parselmouth. One of the few, destined for greatness.

Eres owns a pet snake that lives at Hogwarts with him. It is a rather unique Adder, with black and green scales. His name is Asmodeus. Don't try to touch him. He hates it. Unless he allows you to.

Note: Eres is a Slytherin.

Age: 11

Blood Status: Pure-blood.

Lineage: Interitus.

Known family:
Hermeaus Interitus (Father)

Vielma Interitus (Mother)

Dromus Interitus (Uncle)