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eve is a witch. She is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat.

About Me
father: AlbusDumbledore
Un cle: Kanushia
cousins: HeartlessLove and FireKingBoss
sisters: foxface and Aieshalynn
grandma: Vixana
grandpa:Sherloc kHolmes
aunts:Claris seShield AmeliaPond Basillisk and IvoryGanger

~apperance` 3~
hair: shoulder length , black
eyes: one green,one red both glass eyes

is dating Nathanskyes

The divination teacher at Hogwarts

has multiple personalities, one called rushi that will over take eve's body if eve is attacked or hurt
((speech by rushi. Rushi's speech can be heard))
and another one called sharotto, who will only come out if eve is sleeping or unconscious
((speech by sharotto. Sharotto's speech can be heard))

Appearance: same as eve apart from that her voice is slightly deeper than eve's and a little red streak in her hair

Personality: will be cruel at times, violent, destructive, a bit of a critic, stubborn and a little bit stuipd


appearance: similar to eve and rushi except that sharotto has a green dragon tattoo on her left hand and up her arm. Her voice is quite and light with a stutter.

personality: quiet, bit off a badass, smart, respectful, best in a crisis and timed

All three have the power of vectors ((and yes I mean vectors from elfin lied))