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f44825f7467f41a aka Esyae Lynn Sarkozi is a witch. She is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat.

About Me

Phonetic Spelling: Eh-see-ay Lin Sar-koh-zee

"Why can't I move my own body?"
"Because you have been reduced to nothing but a consciousness."
"How? How did this happen?"
"You were in an accident, dear child."
"An accident? Why don't I remember?"
"Severe head trauma. That's what the doctors have been saying."
"How do you know this?"
I am... you now."

Esyae never lived a perfect life. She had lived with her father since her mother had walked out with her twin, Olivier. She was five when that happened and hasn't seen her sister since then. After her mother left, her father used alcohol to cope with the pain of his wife leaving with one their children, completely forgetting that he had another child to tend to. More than one occasion, Esyae would attempt to run away to a neighbor's house to eat and stay there for the night before they returned her home to her drunken father.
When she reached the age of 13, Esyae did her best to help her father to rid him of his alcoholism, fearing that he would die from liver failure. Some days he would be better and that was what kept her fighting for her father. She kept this up for nearly five years until the accident. One that had nearly killed herself and her father. With various tubes going into her body to ensure that she got the necessary nutrients and pain medications she needed while she was recovering while in a comatose state.
Esyae's father, Eraek, was the first to wake out of the two. He waited three days before taking matters into his own hands. He struck a deal with a dark entity, pleading for his daughter's life, bargaining it with his own. The day of the agreement, Esyae woke up, but not without a parting gift from the dark entity. One that overtook her form and shoved Esyae into the corner of her own mind.

That was three years ago and she is still fighting for control of herself.


OOC Family:
MamaBella (Arabench)
PapMerlin (Chairlin)
GreatGrandAuntMella (Mel)