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Forever FaeXylia is a witch living in the Forbidden Forest. She wields a 15" Vine, Unicorn Hair wand, and is a member of Ravenclaw.

About Me
Name translates to "Fairy of the Forest" - An Official Member of the ~FaeClub~

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Fae Xylia

A faerie living in the Enchanted forest. After many years, Fae has found her way back to her realm and has reclaimed her title as Queen of the Royal Faerie Court. She is at times Mischievous but is mainly kind and loving. Fae now lives in her Enchanted Kingdom of Forgotten Realms along side her loving Husband and children.

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Husband: Dante
Son: Goldy
Daughters: Alyssa| Snow|Miona | Philomela| Marigold
Faerie Godmother to: EnigmaX | Scarlett | Pilum
Mother: SherrySnape
Father: Amaranth
Faerie Ancestor: SilverRose
Faerie Partner: FayDurham
Sisiters: ShadowLefaire | EmmiAlmond (GRY Twin) | VanessahStar | Emmaline | LillianRose
Brothers:Cupid | Roamsy

Appeara nce

(Faerie Form)
Skin: Translucent Fairy Glow
Ears: Pointy Faerie ears
Wings: Long wings with a swirl design inside that constantly shimmer.
Wings are Iridescent with hints of Colors
, Day: Purple | Night:Blue

Glittery Facts

Happily Married on 4.22.17
Member of the Lupine Moon Coven and owns ScarletRose's Pack Ring
Supreme Goddess on 2.15.17
Silver's Army
Elite Glitter Squad with the God of Mischief,Tricks, and Illusions
Member of the Emo Club as the EmoFaerie

Sheds glitter upon contact, please approach with caution.

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