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TwelveDays of FaeXylia is a pure-blood witch living in the Forbidden Forest. She wields a 15" Vine, Unicorn Hair wand, and is a member of Ravenclaw.

About Me
Name translates to "Fairy of the Forest" - An Official Member of the ~FaeClub~

Fae was born in the land of the Feywild, another realm of existence. Shortly after her birth a war broke over the land that brought destruction and chaos. At the age of 10 the only hope of survival was to flee the Feywild. In desperation, Fae's family sent her through a portal that was meant for them all. Sadly they were all attacked and in the mix of all the fighting only Fae made it out. When she awoke she found herself in another forest. Soon she learned it was the Forbidden Forest and that she would be taken in by the school nearby. Heartbroken from the loss of her family she hopes to return one day and take back her legacy.

My Husband: Dante the love of my life
Angel Son: GoldWolf
Faerie Daughters: Faerydae, Alyssa, Marigold, Philomela
Faerie Partner: FayDurham
Faerie Godmother to: EnigmaX
Mother: SherrySnape
Father: Amaranth
Sisiters: ShadowLefaire, VanessahStar, Emmaline,LillianRose
Brother: NealCaffrey, Roamsy
Great Grandma: SilverRose
Mischief PIC: Loki
~Lovies all her Great/Grandchildren & Neices/Nephews~
Shout out to: Violet ^,^

Eye color: Stormy grey
Hair color/length: Dark black Hair that shimmers red when in light
Skin: Fairy glow almost translucent
Ears: Pointy Faerie ears
Wings: (Diff. from pic) They are long wings with a swirl design inside and they constantly shimmer. Wings Change Colors Day: Purple Night: Blue

Happily Married on 4.22.17
Member of the Lupine Moon Coven
Pack Ring:ScarletRose's Ring (passed down).
Supreme Goddess: 2.15.17
Silver's Army
Elite Glitter Squad with the God of Mischief, Tricks, and Illusions
Member of the Emo Club: EmoFaerie
Came in 10th place richest witch/fairy of the land on 8.28.17