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GaelErwan is a muggle-born wizard. He is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat.

About Me
Gael doesn't like the snow. He never has.

A rather quiet Slytherin, Gael doesn't seem like much. And he really doesn't think of himself as much, either. He's a silent, detached sort of kid who tends to like plants more than people. Well, he's highly observant at least.

Not to say he's neutral, though. Oh, no, Gael has opinions about plenty of things, he just doesn't feel the need to share them, though. Even when he was young, Gael was painfully shy, and being muggle-born really didn't help that much. He's gotten somewhat better, though-he's upgraded from shy to cold, which isn't exactly the best upgrade ever.

He's a little arrogant and tends to think of himself as better than some other students-not that he ever voices these opinions. At the same time however, he has the annoying tendency to turn that arrogance into self-deprecation, and then back to arrogance again. He may seem calm, but he can never really make his mind up.

He doesn't really want to be excellent at anything or to be recognized; he just wants to be alone, for the most part. He doesn't mind company though, as long as its someone he likes.

Fun fact: His favorite food is suckers. No one's quite sure, not even him. It was his favorite candy in the muggle world, and there's even more flavors in the wizarding world. So he's okay with that.

(The picture above was made with a character creator since I was too lazy to draw. But yeah, that's essentially him.)