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Geordie is a wizard. He is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat.

About Me

Though Geordie may currently be a fine man of only eleven, the figure which will carry him throughout his life is already being chiselled into stone. A crooked grin full of humour and mischief sets the scene for his appearance, more often than not coupled by the merry chime of a sometimes quite obnoxious whistle.

Contrasting the dark mess of curl atop his head, the ice-blue eyes filled with wickedness - not to mention his deep content during the colder seasons - earned him the nickname Geordie Frost. A compliment from his friends and a jibe from his enemies, to him it's little other than a title he took preference to over his own.

Despite the name's best hints of a cold nature, the young Geordie is far from. He has a great big heart hidden away in his chest for safe-keeping, though admittedly also an ego to match. And sure he takes a sense of enjoyment in getting what he wants and when, but in his defence he would chide, "Who doesn't?" This trait sparked a knack for trouble, pickpocket thieving amongst other things being his poison of choice as there hasn't yet been a jump into career or compulsion; just a little game.

The list of noteworthy skills and talents he carries under his belt is rather impressive, and includes a surprising agility and highly polished elusiveness, a well-oiled sponge of a brain and an optimist's best suit - not to mention a marvellous sense of humour and oodles of wit, charm, and magic.

Also gifted with an imagination which leaps and grows each day passed, he is both a dreamer and a watchful young man; a daring and ambitious adventurer quietly eager to see the world. But for now, and to his utter disappointment, he is limited to the images created in his mind from books read and stories listened to, told by those more fortunate than he.


Mal ♥'s poop.

Family: PamBrasiliera [mother]