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Hesperia is a witch living in Hogwarts; The Slytherin Girls Dormitory. She is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat.

About Me

Hesperia Phelan
Perrie, Hesp, Phelan, Peria, Ria, Princess
Human turned Vampire
Turned during the Black Death
Physically Eighteen


Stuc k up in a castle is a girl all alone.
Though maids and butlers are there to serve her, she is on her own.
Her eyes are as cold as steel & her clothes always regal, never battered nor torn.
Looks like an angel yet her heart is as hard as stone.

She sits near the window, gazing at the crimson sky.
A thousand thoughts running through her ever frantic mind.
Repeatedly, she blinks open her eyes,
As if she is waiting for her life to rewind.

Darkness of the night is replacing the daylight.
Yet the girl hasn't moved an inch from the site.
Lost in her thoughts, she turns cold and white.
An ocean of regret lays beneath her grey eyes.

Motionless; and speechless,she sits there like a wax doll.
While a figure moves towards her, no sounds heard at all.
Oh, she is just another girl that has loved and lost.
'Betrayal' and 'heartbreak', she has come across.

This castle is her personal hell, she will be damned forever.
Her people are in pain, just like she as the figure attacks her.
She screams and screams, begging for her dead brother to save her.
Instead death walks in and in his arms he takes her.